30 November 2022

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Our Japanese selection

Our Japanese selection


For all whiskey lovers, come see us at the Avenue restaurant to discover our Japanese whiskeys ! By yourself, with family or friends, all occasions are good to taste them:


Akashi: A malty, citrusy aroma with scents of black cherry, toffee, and oak. This whisky is made with a variety of wheat, barley, and rye with hints of subtle peat. Notes of vanilla and pine nuts dominate the palate, and lead to a long, malty finish.


Nikka Days: A delicate balance achieved by the skillful blending of mellow grain whiskies and slightly peated malts. With impressive floral aromas, this expression offers an extremely silky mouthfeel and fruity flavors that rise and expand, leaving behind a delightful aftertaste.


Tokinoka: Offers a light nose with cereal and fruity aromas (Peach). A soft attack in mouth, then he takes a lot of strength on the palate, with a nice power a little spicy. Very balanced, it has a nice aromatic range between malted cereals, fruit (especially peach) and almond and vanilla notes made by the barrel aging. The finish is long on malted barley, cream, vanilla, and oak.


So, which one will you choose ?