25 August 2022

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A taste of Italy, here in Conakry

A taste of Italy, here in Conakry


What would you say about traveling around Europe just with your taste sense ? Close your eyes and let the Avenue Restaurant team transport you 4377km away from Conakry with a large selection of Italian pastas that will make your mouth water throughout your dinner.

 Start in Bologna with our Bolognese sauce, or in Sicilia with our Carbonara, or even in Genoa with our pesto. The choice is yours ! Plus, our team of sommelier will be more than happy to find the perfect wine for your meal, straight from our wine cellar, one of the best in Conakry.

 Come travel in Italia and share this amazing experience with you friends and family ! Meet us at the Avenue Restaurant on the Corniche for the boarding ! Arrivederci !